What is Destiny?
Destiny is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It was released worldwide on September 9, 2014, for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles. Destiny marked Bungie's first new console franchise since the Halo series, and it is the first game in a ten-year agreement between Bungie and Activision.

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Getting Started
Welcome! The way this game works is that multiple players are in the game battling enemies at the same time. Patrolling and killing enemies will get you XP, Glimmer and Loot. Enemies spawn in different locations at different times. As you get stronger and have more Glimmer, you can buy Jumpships to get to new locations.
What do I do first?
Go to different locations and start patrolling. You'll find enemies in each location you can battle. Earn XP, Glimmer and Loot from the enemies you battle. Each time you kill an enemy you earn a Location Point (LP). LP unlocks new areas and locations.
Why isn't this game exactly like Destiny?
Destiny RPG tries to emulate certain aspects of Destiny, but there is no way this game could work exactly like Destiny. There are certain gameplay decisions here that better suit the kind of game Destiny RPG is trying to be. If you enjoy Destiny, most of the parts of this game should feel similar.
How do I refill my HP in battle?
Anytime you run from a battle, your HP will refill. However, you will be unable to re-engage the enemy you ran from for a brief period of time. Running too often means your kills will go to somebody else. Depending on your class and subclass, your Super ability could also refill your HP. Also, there is a chance you can Take Cover in battle to restore some HP.
How do I get better gear?
There are 5 engram types you might get from battle. White, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow. Take these to the Cryptarch at The Farm and decrypt them for gear. White will decrypt into Common gear. Green into Uncommon. Blue into Rare. Purple into Legendary. Yellow into Exotic.
What is Light and how is it calculated?
Light represents your overall power in the game. It is based on your Guardian's overall traits and K/D ratio. The higher your light level, the better gear you can acquire from decrypting engrams.
How do Sparrows work?
You can buy Sparrows from the Shipwright at the Farm. Go to Gear and you can select which Sparrow you want to use, but only one at a time. Each Sparrow adds bonuses to specific perks. Sometimes they can provide a negative effect to a perk as well, so pay attention.
How do Bounties work?
Once you reach level 20, the Bounty Tracker is available at The Farm. He will give you 10 bounties daily of various time limits and difficulty, including 2 bounties that can be completed within 1 year. It will be up to you to decide how you want to tackle these. Once you accept the bounty and complete it, return to the Bounty Tracker to claim the reward. If you run out of bounties, more will be available the next day.
How do gear perks work?
Gear decrypted from engrams can have multiple perks. Common(White) gear gets 2 perk. Uncommon(Green) gear gets 2 perks with slightly higher potential than Common(White) gear. Rare(Blue) gear gets 4 perks. Most Legendary(Purple) gear gets 6 perks. Exotic(Yellow) gear gets 8 perks and on some occasion special Legendary(Purple) gear also get 8 perks. The perks that are possible include: HP, Attack, Defense, Glimmer, XP, Critical Hit Chance, and Evade Chance. Each of these acts as a percentage boost for your Guardian. Gear with perks will show the perks and their values in the description of the gear within your gear changing menu.
The Gear here isn't really in Destiny?
Some of the gear here will look familiar, as it is pulled in name directly from the real Destiny. However, all gear that is acquired from engrams is actually created by this game. It is designed to look like Destiny gear even if it's not really in Destiny.
How often can I use my Super ability?
Once you choose a Subclass, your Super ability is available in battle every 3 minutes.
What are Strange Coins for?
A strange person shows up at The Farm every week. He will sell you an Exotic for the right amount of Strange Coins. Abbreviated as SC.
What are Vanguard Marks for?
You can earn Vanguard Marks by completing Missions. These are then used to purchase items from the Vanguard Quartermaster at The Farm. Abbreviated as VM.
Is there a Referral System?
Yes! Play to level 10 first, then find the profile of the person that referred you to the game. Click the yellow button near the top to indicate that they referred you to the game. After that, you will both receive 15 Strange Coins! Easy!
We strongly oppose to having additional accounts as this can abuse the referral system. Abusing this will lead to the permanent ban of all accounts of the person(s) discovered doing this.
What are the benefits to being in a Clan?
Clans provide a number of benefits to players. First, they are a great way to communicate with other players. Once you are in a clan, you have access to a clan-only chat room. Clan managers can send alerts to all clan members at once. Another benefit to being in a clan is that if you are in the same location as your clan-mates, each of you get extra XP and Glimmer from battles. Clans can also have a tag to distinguish their members in chat.
Can I use an auto-clicker or automation tool to play this game?
We strongly oppose automation tools to play this game, as it's essentially a competitive clicker game. Basically, if you do this and we figure out you are doing it, we can leaderboard ban your Guardian. This means you can keep playing the game, but you won't show up on any of the Leaderboards. If you do this in a way that affects other players it can result in a complete game ban.
Can I play this on my Phone/Tablet?
Yes! The game is very optimized for mobile play. Just load the game in your mobile browser. In fact, if you add it to your home screen and the game will run full-screen like an App!
Is this game completely free?
Yes, completely. There will never be any form of ads or micro-transactions here. Pay-to-Win sucks and we won't ever do it.